Board of Directors

Karen Raab

President Elect
Carly Brandenburg

VP Administration
Danette Garza

VP Development
Marcia Glaros & Connie Skozen

VP Education
David Schneider

VP Exhibitions
Sandi Kozlowski & Jenny Yalowitz

VP Governance
Jeremy Willett

VP Marketing
Judith Mayer

VP Regional Services
Irene Smith-King

VP Symphony
Michael Luongo, M.D. & Karen Maravilla

Leane Cerven

Tim Anderson

Immediate Past President
William Lowe, Ph.D.

Andy Arnold
Christian Bartholomew
Denise Dillard
Jim Dunne
Gus Galante
Doyin Gomih
Corey Hecht
Carol Green-Fraley
Susan Griffin
Amy Koufos
Karen Lauerman
Heather McCarthy
David Mika
William Neff
Cherie Rippey
Liz Valavanis
Laura White
Timothy Winders


Suzanne Cooley
Jack Dietrich
Alex Gardner Riddle
Eleanor Mirich
Louie Ortiz
Rita Ray
Judy Surovek

Legacy Directors are individuals who have served on the Board of Directors for at least ten years and who have made significant contributions to the success of South Shore Arts. Individuals are elected to the position of Legacy Director in recognition of their long and valuable service to South Shore Arts.