South Shore Arts has been offering high-quality art classes since 1970.

Classes are offered all year at three locations:
MUNSTER: The Center for Visual & Performing Arts
CROWN POINT: South Shore Arts at the Artful Garden
HAMMOND: Substation No. 9


Children's classes

(ages 1–15)

Engaging your child in the arts has many direct benefits ranging from developing fine motor skills to increased critical thinking. Encourage your child's creativity while we handle the mess!

  • Art Foundations

  • Creative Together

  • Intro to Cartooning

  • Intro to Drawing

  • Intermediate /Advanced Drawing

  • Intro to Handbuilding Pottery

  • Pottery (all levels)

  • Intro to Painting

  • Intro to Manga




Adult classes 

(ages 16 & up)

Whether you are interested in a new hobby or becoming a serious artist, there is a class to suit your interest and ability level. 

  • Intro to Cartooning

  • Intro to Drawing

  • Principals of Figure Drawing

  • Intermediate /Advanced Drawing

  • Intro to Fiber Arts

  • Intro to Pottery

  • Pottery

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Intro to Manga

  • Intro to Photoshop

  • Digital Camera Techniques

  • Black & White Darkroom Photography

  • Intro to Airbrushing

  • Intermediate/Advanced Airbrushing

pottery 1.jpg

senior classes

(ages 55 & better)

Try something new or reignite a talent. Creativity never ends!

  • Senior Pottery

  • Senior Art Workshops

  • Senior Intro to Drawing